Sunday, December 23, 2012

Date Night with our Favorite Pup!

[ *Disclaimer* ] The entire idea for this date is courtesy of my fabulous former roommate, Betsy, who should have her own blog about all of the fabulous things she plans for her now-fiance Aaron! Betsy and Aaron plan the sweetest activities for each other, and I'm lucky enough to know her so that I can copy them as best I can :)

First and foremost, Robby and I LOVE our dog, Blue. If you are a dog-lover like us and feel bad leaving him/her at home on Friday/Saturday nights, then consider taking your favorite pup on a cute date night with you! It also helps if your puppy is as well-behaved and handsome as Blue :)

Meet Blue!

This date required a teensy bit of planning to get the notecards together, but since the kiddos were watching holiday movies and making ornaments on the last day of school [consider the achievement gap closed...we did it!], I had some spare time to make/print these. Of course, I didn't print them at school on the copier using cardstock I *borrowed* out of Charlie's office [oops?].

Once I got home from school, the first activity of our evening was of course, Crossfit. While Robby was taking his post-Crossfit shower, I set up the first little card for him to find, along with a snowman squeaky toy for Blue. [He picked it out at Petsmart himself! Aka he knocked about 5 of these off a shelf and it was time for us to go...]

Surprise waiting!
Card #1 - Date Invite!

Once Robby and I were ready, he got to open the second card to find out where we were going! Blue loves the dog park, so of course we had to stop in there first. More than anything, he loves to play fetch with tennis balls. [If we didn't stop him, I'm pretty sure he would play until he collapsed, but we have yet to test this theory.] Unfortunately, there weren't any other dogs at the park, but this didn't stop Blue from having a great time with the tennis ball.
Card #2 - Dog Park

Once back in the warm car, the next card was ready! We actually made a last-minute change and decided to go to Barnaby's on Shepherd instead of Happy Fatz [we were starving by this point, and Barnaby's was closer].
Card #3 - Happy Fatz turned Barnaby's

We enjoyed sitting outside under the heat lamps enjoying our bacon blue cheese and turkey avocado burgers [I'll let you guess who ordered which...]. Blue was a perfect gentleman and hung out with us while we ate dinner. He was befriended by a little girl named Maddie, who proceeded to sit down and hang out with us for about 20 minutes, telling us all sorts of random 7-year-old stories about her choir concert and boys in her class at school. Luckily, I managed to have her snap a picture of us before we left.
Thanks, Maddie!

Last stop was Coco's Crepes in Midtown! We shared a nutella and banana crepe, which was amaaaaazing. Super Paleo, obviously. After that we headed home to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie [of course I promptly fell asleep 20 minutes into the movie]. All in all, a successful Friday evening with my two favorite boys! If you would like to borrow the card template to create your own dog-friendly date, you can find the word document here.
Card #4 - Coco's Crepes

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Countdown!

We've been busy over here getting everything organized for Christmas. Between holiday parties, school finishing for the semester, and buying lots of presents for loved ones, time is flying by!

Update #1: Laura's Birthday (Dec 10th)
I had an amazing birthday courtesy of family, friends, and students. The Pykes came down from Dallas to help us put in a new garden that now features lots of beautiful flowers and delicious herbs. I've been using rosemary, dill, parsely, etc from the garden in our recent dinners, and it's been delicious! I also got a new fancy camera (Nikon D3100), which I'm excited to learn how to use and take lots of pictures for this new blog! The whole family (Pykes and Somers) went to Sunday brunch at Brennan's of Houston, where they made a big fuss of my birthday complete with a New Orleans style brass band singing to our table.

My birthday was rounded out by a surprise party at school thrown by my wonderful and fearless classroom roommate (Sam) and some of my students from last year! There was lots of singing, party hats, Starbucks coffee, balloons, decorations, thoughtful notes from students, and general excitement :)

First Period Surprise Party!
Update #2: YES Prep Southeast Holiday Party
One of the most fun parts of my Communications role at school is organizing the annual Holiday Party. This year it was held at Cork Soakers - a cute little wine bar in East Downtown. The space was beautifully decorated for Christmas, and everyone had a great time munching on delicious food and partaking in the adult beverages!

7th Grade Team at the Holiday Party!
Some of my favorite ladies :)
That's all for now! I promise to experiment with my new camera so that I can get some better quality pictures for the blog in future. Until then, I'll leave you with this fun picture of me and my friend Erin from earlier today:

Erin and I bumped into each other at Whole Foods Market wearing the EXACT same outfit!
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!